Thrive started as dream amongst some local youth workers to bring their students together in order to be more kingdom centered in both community and mission. Too often, youth groups operate as autonomous, independent, and disconnected groups - this happens within the walls of their own church and ends up carrying over to the outside world as well. Our desire was to ensure that our students understood that the Church is a lot bigger, broader, and incredibly expansive than their own local church. Through bringing our students together, it allows them to imagine and visualize the impact a truly interconnected and interrelated body can have in transforming a community. Also, today's students have a strong desire to make an impact so by encountering current and relevant issues plaguing our local communities and society, they can comprehend how God has gifted them and is challenging them to love their neighbor today. As a result, the first Thrive was birthed in the Fall of 2014 as we gathered at Memorial Baptist Church to prepare meals for the homeless through A-Span